Yoga classes in London Waterloo suitable for everybody to enjoy and conveniently located just a few minutes walk from Waterloo and Southwalk stations.

PREGNANCY YOGA – Tuesday’s 6-7.15 pm

03 March to 28 April (no class 31 March)8 week termclass full
14 April to 26 May7 week term£84.00
05 May to 30 June9 week term£108.00
02 June to 28 July9 week term£108.00

YOGA FLOW – Monday’s 6.30-7.45 pm

02 March to 27 April7 week termclass full
11 May to 29 June (no class 25 May)7 week term£76.00
06 July to 17 August7  week term£76.00
07 September to 26 October8 week term£87.00

YOGA CORE  – Thursday’s 6.30-7.30 pm

05 March to 30 April7 week termclass full
09 April to 28 May8 week term£80.00
07 May to 25 June8 week term£80.00
04 June to 30 July (no class 09 July)8 week term£80.00


Yoga flow28 Marchdrop-in £15.00
Yoga core18 Aprildrop-in £15.00
Yoga flow16 Maydrop-in £15.00
Yoga core 20 Junedrop-in £15.00

How to book

Booking your class is easy!
  1. Choose the name and date of the class from the class schedule and complete the online class booking form.
  2. On receipt of your completed booking form you will be contacted by email to arrange payment.
  3. Your booking is not secure until payment has been received.
  4. Please read the class policy before booking a class
If you have any questions do not hesitate to make contact.

Class Venue

joyful_body_standrews St Andrews, Short Street, London SE1 8LJ
This clean bright and airy venue has changing facilities and is just a few minutes-walk from Waterloo and Southwark stations.

Are you listening to your body?

Millions of people struggle each day with feelings of inadequacy about their physical body. In fact, studies have shown that the majority of women don't like what they see in the mirror. When you practice yoga you certainly aren't immune to the complex web of cultural forces that contribute to the epidemic of self-loathing. After all, it's not always easy to reconcile life in an image-conscious world where the body is simply the vessel through which we process judgement.
A regular yoga practice creates a way for us to learn how to listen to our body. While we may have come to the mat looking for a "yoga butt," when we get there, we’re able to connect with our body in a way that gives us greater awareness of how to create with our body rather than constantly judging our appearance.
By taking time to connect and be present with our body with each pose we begin to enjoy it as we play with the movement. Over time, this enables us to be grateful when we look into the mirror as we begin to step into creating our body beyond judgement.
Our body is always talking to us if we listen to it and take good care of it, it will show up different in ways we have never imagined possible. 
Are you listening to your body? 
Jayne Micallef | Yoga classes in London Waterloo

Slim down with Yoga

Our yoga core class is a fun way to burn calories and get into shape the more you go the stronger you become.

Each class begins with a warm-up period, and then goes into aerobic stepping for about 30 minutes followed by resistance training and dynamic yoga stretching to strengthen your core muscles. The music is exciting and has a driving beat. The class is upbeat, and there is plenty of laughing and sweating — the hour goes by really fast!

Here's some reasons why Yoga Core is such a great choice:

Interval training. Alternating movements to music in segments maximizes body toning and sculpting.
Calorie burning. In addition to benefiting your heart and lungs, this type of aerobic exercise can help you burn excess calories.
Core muscles. We also concentrate on the muscles of the abdomen, back, buttocks, and upper legs, which are your core muscles. These are the most important muscles for spine stability and overall aerobic fitness. Again this activates calorie burning that continues on well after the class has finished.

Tips to help maximise the benefits;
As with any exercise you should always consult your doctor if you have any questions about class make contact.
  • Be comfortable. Dress comfortably and make sure to have good support for your feet. The lateral movement of stepping can put stress on feet and ankles.
  • Bring water with you. It’s important to stay well hydrated during a one-hour class.
This class is fun and social the more you go the more you enjoy yoga!

Yoga & Pregnancy Classes | London Waterloo SE1

Happy heart . Feel good . Energy infusion

Do you have a weekly practice that contributes to 
being fit and healthy?

Weekly classes for Men & Women

Dru Yoga
Pregnancy Yoga
Fitness Yoga

St Andrews, Short Street (off the cut) WATERLOO SE1 8LJ
*5 minutes from Waterloo & Southwalk station*

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4 reasons to...choose Joyful Body

1. Style and performance
Unique classes and workshops giving you in the moment results aiming to inspire and empower, without compromise.

2. Holistic service offering
A wide range of services available to support you in anything you would like to achieve whether you’re looking to erase your habits, have greater health or make those ‘big-life changing’ choices.

3. Best customer care
Established in 2008 great pride is taken in constantly improving to make your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

4. Contributing to a more conscious planet
Dedicated to offering a wealth of tools and techniques to empower you in functioning from greater choices so that you can be the ripple effect that contributes to creating more consciousness on this planet.

Jayne Micallef |

End Depression with Yoga!

Are you prone to the blues? Do you suffer from sadness, depression or even fatigue? Are you going through a period of loss? Thinking of going to the doctors for antidepressants? What about a more natural alternative by giving yoga a try?
Did you know that a regular practice of active sequences, backbends and inversions can support you during challenging times and is a great way of creating a healthier lifestyle with more ease?
FACT! People who practice Dru yoga regularly are more healthy, happy, creative and active.
Check out Dru Yoga book a class here - beginners welcome!

How to reduce stress...the easy way!

Would you like more Peace and Ease with your body? 

What if you could;

    Access Bars London
  • Reduce stress
  • Increased awareness
  • Better self-image
  • More happiness 
  • Improved health and fitness
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Enriched relationships
  • Expanded money flows
I'd like to invite you to a different possibility called the Bars.

The Bars is a hands-on body process that clears limiting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions stored over many lifetimes. Did you know that 98% of our points of view and thoughts don't originate from within ourselves, and that we are constantly picking up stuff from everyone around us? When we have our bars run, it's like deleting the junk files on a computer — more space becomes available to create a new reality.

I offer private bars sessions in London and Surrey | Make contact and book your session today

“After having my Bars run I was so relaxed, had much more clarity and felt totally energised. I went to work the next day and everyone noticed a ‘new me’. The experience left me with such a positive note that I feel anyone who is looking for more relaxation and greater clarity in their life would definitely benefit from a Bars sesion.”

Reach for a Healthier Back

Gravity. A poorly fitting chair. The emotions you feel during the day. Bad posture. Stress.
These are all things that can create compression in your lower back. And, as we all know, with compression comes pain. But you can reduce compression and relieve pain at any point during the day with this simple exercise.

Sit comfortably on your chair with your knees open to hip distance and your feet flat on the floor. Take a deep breath in and stretch your arms up overhead. Interlace your fingers and turn your palms towards the ceiling, pressing your sitting bones down while reaching up. Keep your arms straight alongside your ears and turn to the right, feeling the stretch on the left ribs and hip. Take five deep breaths, then switch sides.

Restore Energy

Sometimes when you're tired, the best medicine is a restorative, rather than an active, yoga practice. Almost nothing feels as good as relaxing into the floor after a stressful day. If you're in need of a little renewal, take some time for you with this restorative Reclining Bound Angle Pose.
Enter Bound Angle Pose by sitting up tall on your sitting bones and bending your knees. Place your feet against one another and bring them as close to your body as your knees allow. Then, lean back on your hands, lowering your back and head to the floor. (You may support your head and torso on a pillow, a bolster, or blanket under your spine, to help open your chest, if you like.) If your knees don't easily release toward the ground or if you feel any strain in your groins, support each of your thighs on a block or folded blanket (phone books or dictionaries also work well). Rest your arms on the floor or place the backs of your hands on your thighs. Relax, breathe, and stay in this posture for five minutes if possible. 
To come out, use your hands to bring thighs together, roll to one side, and push yourself away from the floor, allowing your head to follow your torso.

How to soothe a tired back

Does your back often get tired?
Do you carry a laptop or heavy bag? 
Do you have one shoulder higher than the other?

Yoga can be a wonderful healing practice for a variety of back ailments (especially scoliosis).
These can be greatly improved by doing poses that lengthen the spine, such as this nurturing Standing Forward Fold.

Have a go;
1.     Stand with your feet at hip distance with the outside edges of your feet straight facing forward (parallel to each other).
2.     Place your hands on your hips and bend your knees.
3.     Fold forward slowly until your head points toward the floor. Keep the knees soft enough that your stomach rests on your thighs (even if your hamstrings are very loose).
4.     Now release your arms over your head. Bend your elbows and hold on to your opposite elbow, letting the weight of your arms deepen the release on your spine.
5.     Stay for at least five to ten breaths, then release your elbows and roll up slowly, stacking your joints.

ahhh doesn't that feel better....